Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Midweek Thrifting..

My midweek thrifting actually began over the weekend in Adelaide and since then I've found some really lovely bits and pieces over the past few days to add to my collections.

I found this piece of yellow Austalian Pyrex over the weekend and just couldn't leave it behind.  I just adore the colour and print.

A big thanks to the fabulous Sarah, who had her thrifty eyes peeled today when she spotted some gorgeous Johnson pieces she knew I would adore.  I was so delighted to find these cups and saucers and a few other pretty orphan tea cups too.


One of my very favourite finds this week is this lovely mint green Fire King batter bowl.  It's in such beautiful condition and the colour is, so pretty.  I also found the pillow case in the background.  We have been a little short on linen around here the past few weeks, so this lovely bit of floral was a very welcome sight.

Have you been thrifting this week? I hope you find some wonderful delights!



  1. I've actually never seen a mixing bowl quite like that one! And the shade of mint is stunning!

    Jem xXx

  2. Dying for that Fire King batter bowl. Those are pricey over here!!!

  3. The pyrex is beautiful, & I love that colour of that bowl too!

    Catherine, XO.

  4. Replies
    1. hehe, I'm saving the Savers one's for the weekend. But there is a piece in my teapot collection tomorrow :)

  5. Love the Pyrex, so different. I found a white Federal batter bowl last summer at a yard sale for 50 cents, not quite as pretty as the one you found, but it still does the trick, it's our pancake mixing bowl!

  6. Ah I love that mixing bowl, it's in my favorite color! I definitely need to keeps my eyes peeled for one like that the next time I go thrifting!
    xo Amanda

  7. I just adore that bowl. They don't make them like that anymore.

  8. OOO. Loving the Pyrex! :)


  9. The Pyrex is beautiful and I also love the batter bowl.

  10. Pretty flannel flowers and yellow, the perfect piece of pyrex. Lovely finds Sophie. x

  11. love that fire king bowl and i have that yellow pyrex in a beautiful big bowl

  12. I'm green as that fire king bowl with envy! Love that bowl!

  13. I love your Jadeite mixing bowl, whenever I find it here it's usually super expensive or all chipped up. Neat Pyrex dish too, I haven't seen that pattern before.

  14. Ah that shade of mint is to die for what great finds!!


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