Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Making Us Smile.. Mixing Patterns

This amazing studio full of beautiful colours and textures

Ladies doing lunch.. complete with perfect coats, handbags and oh so sweet gloves

This delightful mix of florals and amazing sunglasses

This wonderfully fun citrus mix.. floral, stripes, and spots..oh my!

And a little something for the bedroom.. this beautifully bohemian linen from Urban Outfitters

What's making you smile today?
Much Love
Sophie & Annie

PS. Something else that's making me smile today, is that my Chalkboard Handbag DIY has been featured over at the lovely Mollie Makes blog.  Thanks so much to the team at Mollie Makes!

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  1. I love this! The u.o bedding in the last picture is perfect.

    I did a little blog challenge over on my blog and put your blog up as one of my top favorites! Thought you wouldn't mind ;p Feel free to check it out!

  2. I would live in that studio forever! It is so magical and soulful and the couch just a pinch reminds me of the shape of the bathtub couch in Breakfast at Tiffany's...swoon.

    xx, C

  3. Very cute!

    I got these amazing vintage cups the other day that are making me so happy right now. :)


  4. Perfect! I love those ladies who lunch especially.


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