Thursday, 16 February 2012

What's Inspiring You?

Midweek is always my time for dreaming up ideas, scribbling notes, searching Pinterest, reading lovely magazines and gorgeous blog posts.. It's my time for gathering inspiration.  It appears all around me, the colours of late summer evening, the ladies at the local thrift shop, lines from the novel I'm currently teaching.. I make notes of it all and know that one day they will come in handy.  

So today I'd like to ask.. What's inspiring you? I've popped the kettle on, so make yourself at home. I'd love to hear all about your the things that are inspiring your world.  



  1. That is one cool kettle. I'm filling books full of ideas for a big concrete house in the bush that I'm going to fill full of all of my vintage treasures (one day, one day!).

  2. Hi there
    I'm being inspired by yarn bombers this week. I am staying in a place that is perfect for large scale bombling, everything everywhere is cream, There are poles deks, handrails, tables if anyone has scraps of wool the wouldlike to send in? I can send photosof the completed project. interested?

  3. Um, well? All the beautiful vintage goodies you find all the time! My thrift shops here in the States don't have nearly as much coolness as yours do, apparently. I go thrifting at least every other week and score occasionally-- but you are a pro!!

  4. The thought that it's nearly the weekend and I can go treasure hunting again! TGIF tomorrow.

  5. Seriously envious of that kettle! Like you, my inspirations are of the moment and change all the time. At present, it's Union jack fever with the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics, and my quest in charity shops for a tartan kilt. But,I'm always looking for faded roses, stripes, pink, wicker and weeny cardboard or metal suitcases.

  6. Right now that kettle is inspiring me... it's gorgeous!

    Actually, at this very instance, the thing inspiring me is the fact that it's Thursday night and my daughter needs a library bag for school tomorrow, so I'm making a drawstring library bag that she can wear as a backpack. And making extra's too - one for ballet, one for trips to her Dad's house, one for Hapkido, and one for soccer (that one might need to be out of very sturdy material!)

  7. I sometimes get too much inspiration, and then I can't choose what it is I want to do! So I have to limit myself. It's very hard to do so. :)


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