Thursday, 2 February 2012

Things I Love..

Things I love.. Receiving exciting surprise packages.. One arrived today full of gorgeous Anthropologie catalogues from a super sweet reader.  I'm also loving..This gorgeous 'at home' wedding, Amanda's romantic and super cute photo shoot, Kaylah and Elycia's fab thrifting video, these sweet Valentine's pencils, this lovely dress and these sunglasses, this fun nail tutorial and all these pretty business cards.

What are you loving today?


  1. How sweet! I'm desperately pining for summer. I know it's early, but up here in Scotland we have a lot of wind and cold to contend with and I'm just dreaming of sundresses and sandals. Oh! The sandals! I'm torturing myself with photos of summer BBQs and beach days... why?? Why can't I be more patient?

  2. You so need to buy those sunglasses!! It would be a crime not to. Love your loves. Pruxxx
    P.S. I so need to do a new post. I'm back but just dealing with 'back to school' issues... Pruxxxx

  3. I always keep all of my Anthropologie catalogs. xo, rv

  4. I love their catalogues. They always make me excited and happy.


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