Thursday, 16 February 2012

Summer Reading.. Inside Out

The moment I pick up a copy of Inside Out magazine, I transition into creativity mode.  The next minute I'm madly scribbling ideas and soon I find myself in the depths of the local hardware store searching for that perfect shade of paint or dreaming about 'room changing' wall paper.  I'm pretty sure I count down the days until the next issue of Inside Out, so when the March/April edition magically appeared in my letter box it didn't take long for it's beautiful pages, brimming with inspiration to take me another creative journey.  Here are just a few of my favourite articles..

Marnie Skillings is one of my all time favourite designers, so needless to say I was delighted to see her beautiful home featured in all its eclectic splendour.  A favourite page in one of my early inspiration journals is an image of Marnie's dressing table from about ten years ago and looking at her Sydney home now, it's wonderful to see her free-spirited, playful aesthetic is ever present and even more captivating today.

Oh the wall art! Where do I begin? Not only is there a fabulous article about Mark Cawood and his  innovative company Publisher Textiles, there's also pages of amazing ideas guaranteed to help you embrace bold colour and texture on your walls.  My favourite has to be the wall above.. I'm almost lost for words!

My favourite article in this issue, is without a doubt, Playful Spaces which redefines children's rooms and is full of wonderful creative design solutions that would be used anywhere in the house. From hanging vintage games to creating rainbow walls, the possibilities are endless. One of my favourites, which inspired my own coffee table makeover is the addition of a chalkboard table in a kid's room.  Just perfect for creative moments! 

There are so many more gorgeous pages, I could keep going all day, but it's best you see for yourself.  You can find more information about the March/April issue of Inside Out on their website and be sure to check out their lovely blog and Facebook page for your daily dose of inspiration.  

Much Love


  1. Sounds like such a inspirational mag. I will have to check out their website.

  2. I'll have to catch their blog, as I'm in the UK. Marnie Skillings is such a wonderful name, almost as if she belongs in an Evelyn Waugh or Anthony Powell novel from the '30s!

  3. Must get this mag! Love your yellow typewriter too.

  4. That rainbow wall looks so lovely. Really liking your coffee table too.


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