Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Midweek Thrifting..

I just love midweek thrifting! There is something so lovely about taking half an hour of the day, to just lose oneself amongst the racks and shelves.  I'm beginning to figure out which days are best for new finds and I'm always on the lookout for anything with a gorgeous retro pattern... 

I saw the corner of this vintage night gown when I was searching the dress racks I just fell in love!

And check out this vintage tablecloth with cute yellow roses still in it's packet..  such fun patterns.

It's such fun finding much loved canister sets and the colours of these Nylex pieces make me smile.  Now I'm  searching for the flour, rice and an extra lid. 

And I also found a few more retro tumblers to add to my growing glassware collection.

Have you been thrifting yet this week? Can't wait to see your finds!



  1. Wow such great midweek thrifting! Love the dress and canisters!

    sorry no thrifting here. But inspiring!


  2. I have those canisters - the whole set, and even some extras! they house all my flours and sugars. There is also one for rice. I love old canisters, and have been told no more by my partner. I've been gathering treasures at an awesome fire brigade sale this week.

  3. I get so excited to see your midweek thrifting! There isn't one thing that I wouldn't have purchased myself... the nightgown made me smile. We have a little thrift store in town (raises money for our little hospital) and I try to slip in there before school pick up time... you have to go a lot but have found some great little treasures in there (especially vintage glassware... goodness you should see me cupboards, but still would have grabbed those lovelies you found... so pretty!).

  4. P.S. A few of my more recent finds are mixed in with my blog post today...

  5. Such a gorgeous collection of prints and colours in this post! And I'm with you - nothing improves my mood like a little lunch-break thriftin'

  6. Oh my, I love it all! Seriously want everything, haha. I went thrifting Monday & Tuesday & found some great stuff :)

    Catherine, XO.

  7. You always seem to find the most beautiful treasures. Makes me want to get up and get in some shops to dig around. Best feeling.


  8. Beautiful finds! Do you "take turns" with items like your tumblers in your cupboards? Or do you try to accommodate all of them on the shelves? I think I've reached maximum capacity with some of mine and don't "want" to find another one I can't pass up!

  9. love those tumblers! i can never resist buying glassware.x

  10. Great finds! I actually get to go thrifting today because it's a short day at school, and I'm so excited for it!

    xo, Megan

  11. Wonderful finds! Love that tablecloth!

  12. what great midweek finds!the pattern on the nightdress and the tablecloth are perfect. xx


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