Thursday, 23 February 2012

Midweek Thrifting..

Perhaps one of my very favourite parts of the week.. Finding a free moment to search the freshly stocked shelves of my favourite thrift stores for delightful treasures. 

I just love these vintage aprons.  The patterns and details are so sweet, I would love to wear them out and about.. 

A lovely floral pie dish.. 

A set of too cute salt and pepper shakers.. I love the toothpick holder.

And I must have sent out good typewriter vibes this week because I found this lovely grey Olivetti waiting for a new home.

Have you been thrifting this week? Do your plan your trips or do you go on a whim? Sometimes I just get a good feeling and just pop in.. it's always so much fun to find something fabulous by chance.

Happy Thrifting!
Much Love


  1. I LOVE love love the aprons you picked up! Last summer I went on a small vintage apron spree. Aren't they just so fun?!

  2. Yes, I have been thrifting today. I bought 2 little plastic ducks, a yellow dotted mug, a orange plate, and a bunch of little plastic animals all together for 2 euro. And I didn't had to pay because a had a credit of 2 euro. So all this was for free!!!!

  3. Everything is so lovely! Especially the salt & peppers shakers and the aprons. I found loads yesterday, including a set of scales, a 60s box bag, a pair of loafers & a couple of cat figurines :)

    Catherine, XO.

  4. I love ALL your shopping, particulary coveting the salt'n'pepper shakers right now.

  5. Love the red gingham apron! I have seen some of these at my local markets, so hopefully you will be able to pick up some more when you come down ;)
    My thrifting trips are always opportunistic. I often travel 1-2 hrs out of Adelaide for work/study & would like to visit some country thrift stores more, but always seem to run out of time ... booo.
    Kelly xo

  6. fabulous! i estate sale on thursdays, the one day i don't have kids.

  7. The aprons and pinnies are fabulous!!! Love love the salt n pepper shakers, they match the dress I am wearing today, yay!!!! v

  8. Aprons to die for!! Why not wear them out and about. Who makes the rules anyway? bec x

  9. No haven't had time this week, but I do miss my peeks into my regular haunts. Hope I haven't missed anything brilliant! jennyx

  10. Gorgeous finds as always! This week I scored some vintage, mustard yellow couches, right of my wish list! I can now die a happy lady :)

    Katie x

  11. love those aprons and the quaint floral design on the pie dish is lovely. love your ability to thrift midweek...the hours the gallery works me during the week means i can never get out and have a wander which makes my weekend adventures quite organised and strategic. :) i already have 7 oppies lined up for tomorrow...all pre-move i may add! haha. xx


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