Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Making Us Smile.. Stripes

Everything about this gorgeous photo of Naomi.. makes us daydream of wandering around New York, with a pretty umbrella

This statement bathroom with perfect vintage mirror

Bold colours, stripes, floral and cotton candy hair.. perfect circus chic

One of our favourite Red Velvet dresses from Elsie's goregous first collection

Style Icon Mary Quant rocking some seriously fabulous tights..

What's making you smile today?

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  1. I'm in love with black and white. xo, rv

  2. That red velvet dress is scrumptious!

  3. Love that first photo! I have become slightly obsessed with Noami's blog lately. Love it!

  4. Black and white stripe has to be my all time favourite. I even gave my sister a stripey T-shirt one year for her birthday and members of my family commented 'that looks like a Sarah shirt' everything she wore it haha.

  5. Love how bold these stripes are! That bathroom is gorgeous.

  6. So smart, so stylish. They never go out of style. x

  7. Sophie, how do you do it? I always end up pinning your 'inspiration' posts!

    xo em


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