Saturday, 11 February 2012

Happy Weekend..

Happy weekend my friends! I hope the weather is lovely at your place and that you are looking forward to a wonderful weekend ahead. We've already been busy here at the Library Adventures cottage, moving furniture and buying shelving, ready to transform our guest bedroom/vintage room into the Wilde Asher HQ.  It's all very exciting and I can't wait to see how it all comes together. What are your plans this weekend? If your looking for something to do why don't you:

Make something lovely for Valentine's Day
Wear a pair of seriously cute shoes
 Bake chocolate crossiants to enjoy with coffee tomorrow morning
Be inspired by this beautiful artist
DIY a cute mat for your home
Paint your nails with cute zig zags
Go on a super fun date night to the bowling alley or to play putt putt
Plant succelents in bricks to create a unique feature wall
Make totally sweet pom poms from old t-shirts

Have a wonderful day! I'll be back later with a sneak peak into the Wilde Asher HQ transformation.

Much Love

Gorgeous print  by Yellow Button Studio available on Etsy


  1. Awh! This post is so cute! I LOVE the shoes. Kaylah always has the best nail tutorials!

  2. The pompoms are adorable! Thanks for the link.xx

  3. Im cutting up a old T shirt right now those pompom's are gorgeous.

  4. Ahhhh I was working on a Pom Pom project this week using old shirts, thinking I was being totally genius in my efforts and had something cool to share. Oh well those ones you've link look much better than mine anyway.

    Looking forward to seeing Wilde Asher HQ.


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