Friday, 10 February 2012

Friday in Photos..

Today I.. Spent a lovely afternoon chatting, crafting and scoring some sweet thrifted finds.  And tonight we went on a seriously fabulous date night, ten pin bowling and on the way home, we even stopped to have a spin on the dodgem cars.  So much fun!

What did you get up to today?


  1. My Friday is so boring work and then cleaning the house.

  2. I love bowling so much. I haven't been in some time and that makes me sad :(

  3. Nothing but eating Nasi Minyak, sending some of them to my brother at the Madrasah, had fight with my long-distance boyfriend (3 days and counting). Duh.

  4. looks like a happy friday! what a fun date night :) i haven't been bowling in ages! our date night consisted of picnicking at the lake and watching criminal minds in bed!

    have a happy weekend - Kel x

  5. Ah dodgem cars - my boyfriend and I would often go for a spin on our way home from nights out in London a couple of years ago. So much fun!


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