Thursday, 23 February 2012

Finding Inspiration..

I had a student ask me today, where I find my inspiration.. and it really made me stop and think.  I find inspiration in some rather curious places, depending on the day, my mood and even the weather. Of course, there are so many amazing blogs, Instagram and Pinterest which are all wonderful sources of inspiration, but when I need a little break from the computer, here are my top five places to get inspired.

1. Between the covers of my favourite books.. I have a stack of inspiring books beside my bed and every time I need a little pick me up or I'm on the search for ideas I head straight for my favourite dog eared pages.  A few books always on hand include.. The Secret Staircase, A Room of One's Own, Writing Down the Bones, My Heart Wanders and Velvet Pears. 

2.  Being around creative and like minded people.. For me, there is almost nothing more inspiring than a wonderful conversation with the fabulous and talented people in my world to get my excited to create, especially when wild and crazy ideas are bounced around the table over a cup of tea or two.

3. On a solo shopping adventure.. Recently I've discovered the delight of the solo shopping adventure, it's simple enough.. If you have a few spare minutes, take yourself shopping.. I love to go thrifting, or to a craft or hardware store and just explore the shelves.  It's amazing what you can find when you're relaxed and not worried about people waiting for you to finish rummaging through the sales bins. 

4. Walking the Dog.. An early evening walk (with or without a furry friend) is perfect for so many reasons. I especially love to watch the sunset and check out the architecture and gardens around the neighbourhood. The scent of cooking garlic often lingers in the air as families begin preparing evening meals and I always feel  a lovely sense of calm and nostalgia as I take in the world around me.

5.  Over a cup of tea and an open journal.. Another one of my favourite ways to find inspiration, especially in the early morning or late at night, is over a cup of tea with my journal.  I've always found getting my thoughts, goals and ramblings onto the page, helps me clarify and focus all my ideas in one place. I also find it a really nice way to still my mind, especially if I've had a busy day and it seems inspiration flows more freely after scribbling just a few pages.

I'm always fascinated the the process of collecting ideas, so I'd love where you find inspiration too.



  1. Hello Sophie sometimes my students give me inspiration :) Thank you for your lovely blog :)Love the tin.

  2. Your blog is always an inspiration to me! I love that you're always creative and happy; you lead a charmed life! xx

  3. early evening walks are my favorite. I love seeing people coming home from work, greeting their families, and making dinner and what not. It really is calming, haha!

    lovely post Sophie :)

  4. I completely agree that solo shopping is a great source of inspiration. When I'm with someone else, I also feel the need to show them what I'm trying on and I can be swayed, which is sometimes a good thing, sometimes not.

    Thanks for having such an inspirational blog!


  5. I'm the same way with walking my dog. I totally grab inspiration while doing that. BTW I love the little globe in your picture. I just ordered one and it should arrive today. I'm excited =)

    - Sarah

  6. I agree with you how you feel about solo shopping and not being worried about people waiting for you to finish rummaging through bins. I find a great deal of inspiration from theatre and music. Journaling too!

    x Aliya

  7. I love getting ideas from nature and books. People think I'm strange when I get excited by a spiderweb covered in morning dew! Thanks for more inspirational ideas.

  8. I love your inspiration sources, and use some of them myself. Thanks for sharing!


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