Friday, 27 January 2012

Love Her Style.. Sock Monkey and Gee

This week I'm so excited to be featuring my first international guest, Megan from the gorgeous blog Sock Monkey and Gee to share a few of her style secrets.  I was instantly drawn to Megan's beautiful vintage dresses, her inspiring use of floral prints and knack for mixing eras and styles together.  And I just adore a girl who wears yellow!

 Describe your style: I would have to call it... floral obsessed granny with a twist of vintage and a dash of modern. I love all things floral and I love to mix up different pieces. I could be wearing grandma loafers from the 70's, with a skirt from the 60's, and a blouse from the 80's.

What and who inspires your style? Everything inspires me. My closet, the weather/nature, people on the street, pinterest/tumblr, art/music, and especially bloggers. (I have a HUGE blogroll of favorites ..but to name a few.. Shades of Monet,  Here's Looking at me Kid, Emmadime and Scathingly Brilliant
Has your style changed over the years?  Yes. I have always been different when it comes to clothing. In high school I liked to wear funky colors and prints all the time.  A typical outfit would have been leopard shoes, hot pink pants, and a aqua striped blouse. Then in college I was drawn to the hippie/70s style. Now, I am more drawn to 1950's and 60's dresses and some days when I am feeling blah, I just enjoy wearing the simple black/white/grey look.  The older I get the more I feel I should invest in classic pieces.  
Where do you like shopping for clothes and accessories? I love thrift stores and Etsy the most. You can find anything and everything at both places. I also love supporting small businesses and shop at vintage stores quite often. When I want the basics (classic blouse/shirts, cardigans, and jeans) I enjoy Gap. When I can afford it, I love Modcloth. I have a huge wishlist..I drool over all their dresses. 
What’s your favourite second hand fashion find? It would defiantly be my favorite yellow floral dress. I love that dress SO much. If I could, I would wear it everyday. I purchased it from one of my favorite etsy shops, Croatia Vintage. 
What’s your all time favourite item in your wardrobe? A black and white lace dress that my mother had made for her when she was in Paris in the early 1990's. The dress no longer fits her, so she passed it down to  me.  It is so elegant and beautiful.. I just want to hang it up on my wall. 

Three words that sum up your style: 
fun, vintage, comfortable


Check out more of Megan's style over at her blog and be sure to also check out her lovely Etsy shop.  I've got my eye a few pretty dresses and these adorable shoes.



  1. love megan's style. a real style queen. thanks for sharing. xx

  2. She is beautiful! What great style :o) Scarlett x

  3. She is one of my favourite bloggers - great feature!

  4. Not only one of my favorite bloggers, but one of the sweetest gals I know. Her style is flawless:)


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