Wednesday, 4 January 2012

An Afternoon at My Place..

There is something about Summer afternoons that I just adore, especially when I'm on holidays.  My little cottage always seems peaceful at this time of day.  The sun seeps through the maple tree and creates a beautiful warm glow in every room.  And for a moment it's quiet enough to hear the birds chatting away in the front garden.  No wonderful it's my favourite time of day.  Here's a  little snippet of my afternoon.  

There's a new crochet project on sitting on the couch, waiting to be continued..

A magazine and to do list on the dining table.. ready for tomorrow's adventures

Thrifted aprons and linen waiting patiently to be folded

While I edit photos and drink cups of tea..

And wait until it's cool enough outside to go and play with Miss Asher..

I hope you are having a beautiful afternoon too!
What's your favourite time of day?


  1. Afternoons like this one make me want to accidentally-on-purpose lose my children from time to time! x

  2. yay for crochet! i too have projects those colours xo

  3. I love your photos, so pretty :)! I love the print with the cherry's on it! Wish it was summer here ;)!

  4. I love the crocheting project. I used to crochet, but I never learned how to use more than 1 color!

  5. Beautiful photos, I have been meaning to learn how to crochet! x


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