Thursday, 22 December 2011

Midweek Thrifting..

To begin my holidays I thought I'd take my new pair of clogs on a thrifting adventure around town.  It's such a treat to go thrifting during the day and oh my did I find some wonderful treasures, it may have even been one of my favourite thrifting outings this year.

The sweetest Nally Ware cake tin

Johnson and Kingsbury Stoneware plates... Might be a new favourite Johnson pattern I think.

Some gorgeous floral dresses..

A lovely set of 1950s Tower scales

And a perfect little matching dish and kitty combo..

So delighted by my finds today! I'm off to play dress ups and find a few spots to squeeze my new bits and pieces in.  Then I think a little baking and watching The Holiday might be in order. I do hope you are having a most wonderful day!

Much Love


  1. I'm loving the cake container, and the scale. Nice finds! The dresses look great too.

  2. Wow, what great find! I think the Tower Scale is amazing. LOVE!

  3. On my, my, my what a way to start the festive season off with a sneaky thrifting session and haul like that. Loving everything, seriously everything.

    *gasp* at your green kity...awwww.

  4. the cake tin is lovely....hope you're planning to bake something lovely to fill it with....
    sharon x

  5. I LOVE midweek thrifting - the joys of vacations!

  6. Absolutely wonderful haul. Love that second plate and the scales too. Cherrie

  7. The dresses are so pretty and the cat figurine is adorable!!

    x Aliya

  8. So many gorgeous finds Sophie, you are a very lucky lady... my charity shops have not been so yeilding these last coupe of weeks but i am keeping my fingers crossed for the New Year!
    Happy Holidays... :)
    Emma, x

  9. Ooh you got some great stuff! Loving the dresses :)

  10. i am not sure why it has taken me so long to discover your blog BUT i am glad i did.
    i always love seeing what other people find from thirsting trips. (i am a addict. ;P)
    the kitty and middle dress are making me swoooon.
    happy holidays!! <33

  11. Your thrift finds are wonderful, indeed. Love the cake tin and scale!

  12. Great finds as always Sophie! I think the thrifting gods were with you on that adventure :-)

  13. These are all beautiful but I really love the cake tin!


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