Friday, 23 December 2011

Friday Decorating.. The Bedside Table

  Someone once told me, you can tell a lot about a person from their bedside table and as I peered over at mine this morning, I realised it was long overdue for a little makeover.  So while I was tidying my wardrobe today, I took a little time to redecorate my bedside table. 

I love keeping special bits and pieces on my bedside table and I find a lamp always gets in the way.. Solution, a thrifted frame and some lights.  In the middle a lovely wall decal from Love Mae.

The little dish I thrifted yesterday makes the perfect place to store all my favourite  jewellery and bobby pins.

Who knew the Eiffel Tower would make such a cute ring holder? And a tea cup full of crafting supplies, because I realised I'm always after a pen or pair of scissors just as I get comfortable, so problem solved!

I hope you are having a most wonderful lead up to Christmas Day.  I just bought the last box of rice flour in town, so I best put it to good use and make a few batches of shortbread.  

Much Love


  1. Love the tiny table make over. I have a silly question - what about an alarm clock? Just peering over to my side table which is completely dominated by a horrible old radio-alarm clock that I cannot live without, but may also be in need of a make over.

  2. It's such a pretty looking bedside. I have a similar plate holding my jewels :)
    Love the idea of the frame and lights...might have to try that as my lamp is quite cumbersome.

  3. Mine is overflowing with books and mags - my very own sort of Eiffel tower! I have bedside table envy now. Who even knew such a thing existed?? x

  4. Been meaning to update mine too, i think you've just given me the inspiration i needed! Love the idea of the fairy lights around the frame.

  5. My Bedside table is in dire need of a makeover as well. Yours is perfect, cute and fun.

  6. I love pretty bedside tables but mine always seem to accumulate junk like tissues boxes, phone chargers and water bottles.

    That eiffel tower makes a lovely ring holder. Very pretty.

  7. awesome thought sophie. it inspires me to decorate my bedside table... :)

  8. Lovely! I do think our bedside tables say something about us. Mine currently has a stack of books, an Eiffel Tower lamp, and a cup of coffee I need to take to the kitchen. :)


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