Wednesday, 14 December 2011

All that Glitters..

This Christmas I'm loving a little bit of sparkle! I'm normally a silver kind of girl, but after painting my nails a shimmery muted gold last night, I've got a crush on all that glitters.  How about a dainty sequinned dress, sparkling ballet flats and the perfect accessory, a gold Diana Mini for a fabulous Christmas party ensemble.
Do you like to add a little glitter to your festive ensembles?

Much Love


  1. I love that sparkle dress! I also have a crush on all things sparkly at the moment. The inner teenager in me must be extremely pleased. :)

  2. Absolutely loving the dress and the ring! Gorgeous glitter :)

  3. That Great Gatsby cover is amazingly beautiful. I'm so glad I finally got around to reading it a couple summers ago.

    I bought a sparkly gold sweater at an estate sale earlier this year, so that might get trotted out for Christmas. Haven't decided yet!

  4. Ooh so pretty! Love that nail polish!

  5. All very pretty and I love butter london polish!


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