Monday, 14 November 2011

What I Wore.. A Busy Weekend

Top: Dotti  Skirt: K-Mart 
Belt: Thrifted  Shoes: Rivers   Brooch: MoMA
  Bag: H&M

Ok, I'll admit it, I'm currently obsessed with floral skirts! They just seem to be so perfect for every occasion and this outfit has become my Spring Saturday morning uniform.  Lovely comfortable black cotton tee, floral skirt, thrifted belt, tights and of course a pair of Oxfords which are perfect for a busy weekend venturing through hardware stores.  I've always loved wearing  cute t-shirts but haven't quite found a way to make them girly.. until now! Just tuck it in, add a belt and a cute brooch and your ready for a fabulous adventure. Don't forget to add a bright coloured bag for extra pop! I just adore my new H&M bag, it just seems to be the perfect style for everyday.  Although it's from the Fall collection, I'm loving this gorgeous shade of orange for Spring too.

What colours are you loving right now?
Much Love


  1. Cute outfit Sophie.
    I'm really loving yellow at the moment, it's inspiring.

  2. I love how I can afford every item you're wearing :) Very cute!


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