Friday, 4 November 2011

A Thrifted Dinner Party..

With the festive season fast approaching, what better time to dust off all that fabulous crockery you have found throughout the year and host a thrifted dinner party. 

I just love the idea of creating a really interesting and inexpensive table setting using thrifted pieces, but it can be a little daunting if you are used to a matching dinner set.  So I thought I'd share some of my tips for creating a fun and inviting dinner party setting that could be used for any occasion.  

My Table Setting Tips

1. Choose a focal colour - I chose orange for my setting, inspired by my 1950s tablecloth and salt and pepper shakers.
2. Find an era you love - When thrifting, keep an eye out for crockery from a similar era or brand.  This will help to create continuity  in your setting even if the patterns and colours vary.
3.  Match a few key elements - I used a Pyrex tea set and vintage wine glasses to bring the table setting together.
4. Choose a simple centre piece - In keeping with my bright colour scheme,  I used an old Fowlers jar with some roses from garden as my centrepiece and added extra height with a few thrifted books.
5. Use a simple tablecloth and add colour with napkins - With so much happening on the table, keep the cloth simple and have fun with the napkins.  I made these napkins from vintage fabric which was in keeping with the colour scheme.  You can find great DIY over here
6. Have fun - Embrace the quirky designs and fabulous colours and enjoy your nostalgic dining experience.

I hope this has inspired your inner hostess, so next time you are having friends or family over, embrace the thriftaholic in you and show off your fabulous thrifted wares. Make sure you take some photos, I'd love to see your treasures too!

Happy Friday!
Much Love


  1. Ah I was definitely interested in hearing more about this the other day when you posted something about this on Instagram. Such good tips! Your place setting looks fabulous. (And thanks for the DIY link! Keeping it in mind.)

  2. this is such a great post sophie! your table looks wonderful. xx

  3. Love it all, Sophie....scary that I remember when all those things were around the first time!
    But it's great seeing the fun way you have put it all together for a great look....

  4. This looks lovely - all the different patterns go together so well.

  5. hehe, I have that exact same tea set! It's great! Lovely job! *s*

  6. BEAUTIFUL! And I love the warm lighting in these photos, too! :D Great tips.

  7. The whole setup looks gorgeous, I'm going for a similar vibe but my op-shopping efforts have been a little hit and miss so far! Hopefully it'll all come together soon :)

    xx Kit


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