Thursday, 17 November 2011

Things I Love.. Thursday

Things I love.. Coming home to find an amazing Naughty Shorts dress in my mail box (more photos coming soon) and making fun Christmas DIY projects (pop by tomorrow to check one out).  I'm also loving this inspiring little film and one of my favourites from the 90s,  this glorious tea set (thanks Laura), this dress, this photoshoot and these adorable festive tags.

What are you loving today?


  1. Ohh lucky you.
    Naughty Shorts dresses are always so beautiful. I might have to put one on my Christmas wish list. x

  2. Your list sounds great! I'm loving the vast cool cushions available on etsy (i just blogged about it haha!) and tea cosy's, books about decorating and 1930's dresses/style.


  3. The fabric on that dress is divine! I'm loving the cake I made for my daughters bday yesterday! You have to drop by and have a peep!

  4. Yay!!! Love that you love, my dear. Thanks for the linky...

  5. LOVING your outfit. Today... is the last day at my old job. Feels weird, but I do love it.

  6. ohhh I love that video (Zara) that you posted..She is truly inspiring..I have always wanted to renovate a barn..


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