Saturday, 12 November 2011

Saturday Decorating..

Yes it's Saturday and we have been decorating again! After much thinking, procrastinating, talking and dreaming we are finally working on our kitchen and dining room makeover which will include my new studio nook.  It been a fabulous day and now that the sun has gone down we have finally stopped for a little relax on the porch.  

Today we nearly finished our retro inspired kitchen, just another coat of paint on the tiles and cupboards to go and tomorrow it's all about decorating the dining room and organising my new nook (my favourite part!)

Here is a little peek at what we've been up to today..

Loving putting all my favourite thrift finds together. 
(Oh and I will be sharing the stack of Johnson plates on Flea Market Finds tomorrow).

Another find I will be sharing tomorrow is my new favourite piece of furniture in the house! It's found a perfect new home in the dining room.

I'm so excited to see both rooms come together and can't wait to share the them with you.
I do hope you are having a lovely Saturday too!

PS. Only a few more hours to get your votes in for Find of the Year, so make sure you email me your vote as it's very close at the moment.


  1. Looks great! Adore the yellow canisters! Sherry :)

  2. Ooooh, can't wait to see your Johnson stash. They do the best designs. I nabbed a whole dinner set, the one in my photo for $80.

    I love your styling... so pretty!!

  3. I've been hitting up a few garage sales & markets lately, I might have to link up to your flea market finds soon :)
    Sounds like you having a lovely weekend ...
    Kelly xo

  4. Love the look of your kitchen! Those canisters are brilliant.

  5. We're in the same boat!!! I just started our kitchen makeover...but ours will take a while. :)
    Looks great so far - can't wait to see it finito!


  6. absolutely brilliant deco! love all of the cups and plates!

  7. When I liked this on Instagram I didn't realise it was your home! Can I move in? Please? PLEASE!! ;)
    Looks amazing xxx

  8. Cuuuute! Those sugar/flour containers are so sweet!

  9. I think you are going to have to give me whatever it is in that last photo, or else.



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