Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My Life List..

A few months ago, I was really inspired by Erin from Design For Mankind to write a life list.  As an epic list maker, it occurred to me that it was the one list I hadn't actually written down, so ever since I've compiling my list in the back of my notebook.  I love the idea of having a list I can always come back to, filled with all my dreams, from the tiny and seemingly ordinary to the random and life changing.. here is my top 50 so far (in no particular order).

My Life List..

1. Visit the Flea Markets in Paris
2. Read The Iliad and The Odyssey
3. Open Wilde Asher online in early 2012
4. Organise my music collection
5. Open a bricks and mortar shop
6. Write an e-Course
7. Practice Yoga daily
8. Spend a month without a phone or computer
9. Take a life drawing class
10. Learn to drive a manual car
11. Own a vintage caravan
12.  Take a University course in Art history
13. Camp the night on a cliff face
14. Bake a batch of shortbread using Isobel's recipe
15. Curate an art exhibition
16. Publish a book before I'm 30
17. Write a series of zines
18. Take singing lessons
19. Buy film for my Polariod cameras
20. Teach English in a foreign country
21. Volunteer at a thrift shop
22. Own a yellow Kombi
23. Walk over Shibuya crossing
24. Work at Shakespeare and Company in Paris
25. Take a contemporary dance class
26. Learn to stilt walk
27. Sew a Summer dress
28. Collect vintage copies of The Secret Garden
29. Read War and Peace
30. Learn to juggle
31. Submit an article to Frankie magazine
32. Complete my Masters degree
33. Go surfing in Byron Bay
34. Work as a stylist
35. Own a home by the beach
36. Plant a vegetable garden
37. Make a beaded daisy chain
38. Finish a 1000 piece puzzle
39. Learn about cloud formations
40. Spend a whole day reading a book 
41. Find the perfect pair of red heels
42. Read through my old journals
43. Write monthly letters to my grandmother
44. Make a short film
45. Learn The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock off by heart
46. Thrift a pink typewriter
47. Crochet a blanket for our bed
48. Watch an episode of The Care Bears
49. Have a tarot reading
50. Learn to speak French

Much Love


  1. Wow, that's ambitious! Good on you! Mind if I steal some of your life goals for myself? I'd love to see an article of yours in Frnkie Magazine, you should do it!



  2. wow i think everyone should have a life list. i love your list and i can see that some will be so natural to you, and others will require lots of work and years of planning. Well done on challenging yourself and giving yourself a whole lifetime to acheive them all xx

  3. So inspiring to read your list. Of all the things there, make sure you do one of them - write to your grandmother. I now regret the many opportunities I missed to spend time or write to family members who have now passed on.

  4. fabulous list miss Sophie. I am working on mine at the moment :

  5. No. 13
    Like this??!

  6. Lovely list! No. 11 is also a goal of mine :)

  7. Fantastic list!
    Can recommend a seriously awesome tarot reader in Melbourne when you're ready to tick that one off.
    Kat x

  8. Oooh! I need to do this! Great ideas on there, especially visiting the flea markets in Paris...

  9. This is such a lovely idea! I must try it. I always write yearly goal lists, but I haven't done one that encompasses my whole life! x

  10. I love your electic list Sophie. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Much love Catherine x

  11. This is brilliant!! I have a working list that I've been adding to since I was 12; call it my 'Disney' list though because of Walt Disney's 'If you can dream it, you can do it' quote!

    Definitely take singing lessons - the human voice is a fascinating instrument!!

    x Aliya

  12. love your blog - it's so pretty and inspiring. If i may interject - do number 43 sooner rather than later. I miss mine so much and wish i had taken more time to get to know her. one of my great regrets in life.

  13. Wow what a list! I feel a small sense of accomplishment at having done 3 or 4 of those things. I have achieved something in life! Lol! I must write a list too!

  14. I'm an epic list writer too and this has inspired me to write my own one of these too, your goals sound beautiful :) x

  15. Hi Sophie
    What a great list :) I'm thrilled I recently complete two things on my (informal) list (in one go, over many years...) do an Art history grad dip at the University of WA, something I've always wanted to study, at a beautiful campus :) now I feel I have an education (not like my precious degree in Librarianship, that was a learned skill, this was much more exciting) :) now I feel inspired to create a formal list, thanks!

  16. I love lists and your post has inspired me to write my own! I have a brand new notebook calling to me so this is perfect! X

  17. We have quite a few life goals in common! I don't know exactly WHY I want to learn about cloud formations but I do.
    You can go camp on that cliff face with someone else though!

    Au revoir mon amie.

  18. you might be slightly jealous because I've found that elusive typewriter!

    will post in flea market finds this week.

  19. I love a great life list, many of these are so similar to my own...when I accomplish them, I put the year next to it. I'm getting to the point where my list is needing more added to bulk it back up again and it's an awesome feeling. A list is such an awesome thing to have because when I have moments in life where I feel stagnant or unmotivated I look down my list and all the things that make my heart flutter are right before me, ready to take action. I recommend The Care Bears movie, it's really good, I played it on a vhs as a kid so much it almost turned to white noise :) You have juggling and stilt walking on there, try flying trapeze too, it's scary, exciting and so much fun!!!! Life drawing is great, see if there's a "Dr Sketchy's Life Drawing" near you as you get to draw burlesque models with a glass of wine in your hand, bliss!


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