Wednesday, 19 October 2011

NYC - Shop Windows..

One of the first things I noticed walking through Manhattan were the incredible shop windows.  I found myself stopping every few metres to take in the incredible details and beautiful artworks through every window, especially in Soho and the Upper East Side.  I took a few snap shots when I could and here are some of my favourites.

Henri Bendel - 5th Ave

Mulberry - Greenwich Village

Anthropologie - Rollefeller Center

Seriously, inspiration overload! Beautiful window displays always delight me and  make my dreams of one day having a little shop of my very own all the more wonderfully exciting.

Happy Wednesday! 
Much Love


  1. Delightful!
    How I would love to see what you've seen! Have you much more to show us of NYC?


  2. I do love it when there is effort being made in shop windows. I can walk by 10 without noticing but then one will just pop right out to me, and then i'll go inside and come out with no money. DAMN THEM ;)
    really good idea for photos :)

  3. Hi! Just discovered you blog. The title caught my attention because I'm a librarian. Have a nice day!

    Mabel Time

  4. Didn't happen to bring one of those mushrooms home, did you?

  5. I want to go shopping.. right now!

  6. Thank you, v inspirational, heading to NYC for Xmas and I may just window shop the days away...

  7. I love all the shop windows. I went to the Anthropologie a year ago -I could barely take all the creativity. I also found the window of Bendel's to be amazing-it: when I was there it had a giant papier-mache giraffe!

  8. I love the Free People, Mulberry, and Anthropologie windows, you're so lucky you got pictures of them! :)
    - Laura


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