Thursday, 27 October 2011

NYC - Favourite 'Film and TV' Moments..

While walking through the streets of New York City it's hard to not feel like you are in a film.  Around every corner, you find something wonderfully familiar, a fountain, a park and front door that you feel you somehow know.  I must say, I got very excited after stumbling across some of my favourite film and TV locations.

Being a Carrie Bradshaw fan, I just had to stop off at Perry Street for a photo outside her famous apartment.

And a film my sister and I both love is Serendipity, so it was very exciting to find the gorgeous little cafe from the movie.  

We also loved..
Sitting on the steps of the MET.. Gossip Girl style, wandering through Central Park and checking out the Boat House and of course stopping outside Tiffany's.  

What film or TV show location would you love to visit?
Much Love


  1. Wow, not sure about which locations I'd like to visit but I'd just absolutely love to be there to soak up everything...I can't wait to visit New York one day..lucky you :) Enjoy!!

  2. New York City is one of my most favorite places. It truly is magical. :) Love your blog btw.

  3. In New York, I'd love to see the locations for "You've Got Mail." It's one of my favorite movies. :)

    Otherwise, I have a whole list of locations to visit someday. Most of them are in England, because they're from Jane Austen adaptations.


  4. These are definitely some I would like to see too:) I hadn't really given it any thought prior to this, but if I ever have plans of visiting NYC again, I will definitely make a game plan;)

  5. Lovely post! So nostalgic....I'd love to visit Gilmore Girls' Stars Hollow....but I guess it doesn't exist :(

  6. We just had to do Tom's Restaurant from Seinfeld while we were there. We also accidentally walked onto the set of Adam Sandler's movie 'Dont mess with the Zohan' in Central Park. Security surprisingly let us stay and we got a photo of Mr. Sandler in action. Man...I love that place!

  7. Every minute of being in NYC is like being in a movie for me. I yearn to be back there :) Loving your pics of where you visited, love them :)


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