Saturday, 15 October 2011

My Place and Yours.. On the Shelf

I was so delighted to visit Vic over at Punky & Me this afternoon to find out that her wonderful meme (that once belonged to Pip) was back! I always love playing along with My Place and Yours and I'm so excited to see it's return to Saturdays.   This week's theme is On the Shelf, which was also the first ever theme chosen two years ago. Pop over here to see what I posted back then.

Right now, my favourite shelf in the house just has to be in my little vintage studio.  It's a mix of my collections and bits and pieces I'm gathering for Sophie Isobel Vintage and I delight in adding new finds every week.

There is a little something for everyone on these shelves..

My favourite corner just has to be my collection of woodland critters.  The little baby deer was a new addition from this morning's outing.  Isn't he the sweetest.

And on the bottom shelf..

Vintage heels.. These are all waiting patiently to find loving new owners.  What's more fun than rows of pretty shoes?

So what's on your favourite shelf?  Pop over to Punky & Me to play along and check out all the lovely shelves.



  1. Oh Sophie... you're just showing off! ;)

    Love everything, I can't believe you are willing to part with any of it! (Yeah, I think one day I will be a lead story on the Australian version of Hoarders...)

    Thanks so much for joining in; it has surprised me just how much I am loving having my (second-hand) meme back!

  2. What a cute little corner! I also especially like your little woodland friends section ...
    Kelly xo

  3. cool critters
    and a fun exchange
    sadly in a house
    with no possessions
    waiting for
    their arrival
    shelf and all
    in transit
    from france
    to bulgaria
    funny how
    define us


  4. It's a bit like playing "eye spy" on your shelf. Lots of goodies!

  5. Wow, that shelf is just fantastic - a treasure trove of retro finds. I am collecting similar items and once I have my own place, I'll hopefully have a similar display :)

  6. Oh wow! Those vintage heels are gorgeous!!!

    And the new addition to your collection, the little deer, is so cute!

    I'm trying to think what my fave shelf in my home is?

    Niki @ LQM&M

  7. Loads of gorgeousness on those shelves there!

  8. Wow look at all those shoes. Very cute Sophie.

  9. Oh my goodness what a divine cluster of shelves.
    Like you my favourite would have to be the woodland creatures. but loving all your kitchen bits and pieces !

  10. that tiny little deer you found is so sweet!

  11. I'd love to go through these shelves. :)

  12. i hope you have size 6.5 shoes! i hit estate sales and rarely find small lady feet. :-) cute blog. found u through oh so lovely vintage.

  13. It's hard to decide what to look at first. Very very nice.

  14. Have you tested out all those tea cups? I would love to drink a cuppa out of them!

  15. love the woodland collection

  16. Ohhhh...those lovely heels! Sadly, never in Bigfoot sizes.


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