Monday, 10 October 2011

Inspiration - Tinsel Trading Company..

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some of the places, spaces, people, shop windows and food that I discovered in NYC.  I was overwhelmed with all inspiring nooks that I stumbled across each day as we wandered through the city and just one of the shops that stole my heart was Tinsel Trading Company.  I first heard about Tinsel Trading from a friend of my mum's.  What she described almost sounded too good to be true. I began to daydream about walls and walls of ribbon and notions, beautiful birds nests and all kinds of vintage ephemera. As I began to research for my trip, once again, the name Tinsel Trading appeared in Sibella Court's gorgeous guide to NYC (it is a must have book). Seeing her amazing photos of the store, bought all my daydreams to life, I knew I had to find it.

Walking into the store was breathtaking, from the window displays to the stacks sweet vintage brown boxes brimming with buttons, clasps and notions, I felt like I'd found my little spot of paradise.  It was so lovely to be able to meet Marcia and talk about the shop and how I came to find it.  

If you are in NYC be sure to stop in and emerge yourself in the beautiful world of Tinsel Trading.  The story behind the store is so inspiring and being able to play amongst it all is just magical.  Also be sure to visit the website, where you can also find many of their beautiful products.

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  1. Wow, I'd nearly visit NYC just to go there! Looks amazing:) Crafter's paradise!

  2. SO pretty. Makes me want to visit! xo, rv

  3. ohhhh! that place looks magical!

  4. what a beautiful discovery. It's like a dream come true for crafters. Thanks for hosting.


  5. Utterly spectacular!



    that's all I have to say!


    from By b and e

  6. i wish i had known the last time i was in new york. i have to go there!

  7. OMG I cried when I first walked in there ... it was like stepping in to a dream! Did you buy the book by Kaari Meng? So thrilled for you, you're sending my yearning to be in NYC right back up the scale!

  8. Kind of like Spotlight, but with WAY more character!

    Come and visit my blog, I'm having a book giveaway! :)


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