Saturday, 29 October 2011

Halloween Fireplace..

After recently painting the fireplace, I thought it would be fun to decorate for Halloween.  It's not really a tradition celebrated in Australia, but there is just something about the vibe of the holiday I find fascinating.  Besides the odd plastic pumpkin and witch's hat, there isn't much in the way of decorating supplies, so I used pieces I already had around the house and a few new bits to create an eclectic Halloween inspired fireplace.

I went with a black and white theme, creating a few cluster vignettes on the mantel piece.  And I just couldn't resist this plastic owl from the gardening section of the local cheap shop, the perfect spooky addition to the fireplace.

The first cluster I made using these chess pieces from ceramic chess pieces from Spotlight.  They reminded me a little bit of Harry Potter, so I just had to use them.  I added in a black baroque pattern vase, a few old books and a pair of vintage silver goblets to finish my Hogwarts inspired corner.

My second vignette is a homage to Victorian Gothic literature, inspired by The Raven.  I had all these pieces around the house, so it was just a matter of finding a nice balance.  This is one of my favourite old photos I found amongst a stack of postcards, the gentleman in the picture fascinates me and added a perfect spooky feel.

It's certainly not traditional Halloween decorating, but it was fun to think outside the box and create a space inspired by some of my favourite pieces of fantastical literature.



  1. love this! its haunting yet whimsical...happy halloween! xo

  2. oh nicely done!! i have wanted to paint my fireplace out white for so long, every time i see it i love it :)

  3. Your fireplace looks excellent! Love all the details you used, particularly the black and white horses and the owl.

    Loulou @ Loulou Downtown

  4. this is great! love all the little details, and the fireplace ties it all together perfectly!

  5. Looks great, like a vintage house :D

  6. I really like it!
    To me it seems a little Victorian/Edgar Allan Poe inspired!

  7. Really great idea. I love the chess pieces, they remind me of HP too :)


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