Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Film Inspiration - Stealing Beauty

Stealing Beauty is one of my very favourite films.  I remember watching it for the first time one Summer when I was about fourteen and it was one of those moments that redefined my whole world.  To this day, the Stealing Beauty soundtrack is one of my favourite albums to play of an evening and composition notebooks are my favourite place to scribble little poems. 

Check out Grace's gorgeous post over at Design*Sponge for more Stealing Beauty inspiration and listen to my favourite song from the film here.

Much Love

Images via Secret Labyrinth


  1. Looks gorgeous, had never heard of it, but will definitely check it out! Really liked the song too<3

  2. Ah, I'm with you on watching it at 14 and having a life-changing moment! I remember inviting my girlfriends over to watch it with me one Friday night and they SOO did not get it! I was so befuddled by the fact that they though it 'weird and creepy'-I thought it was beautiful...well, I still do! :)

  3. Great blog. I stumbled over from oh so lovely vintage and wanted to tell you how great your pictures are. I work in a library, do you too? I have decided to look for a flea market in my area because of your older post. :)

  4. wow! i swore i was the only person who loved this film..glad to see that's not the case. i, too watched this film as i was coming-of-age, and it's always stuck with me in a weird way. the soundtrack is so amazing, probably one of my favorites <3

  5. oh you share my love! it has been my favorite movie for eva! the sound track is beautiful. i have this on VIDEO - must get it on dvd so i can watch it again it been toooo glad you posted about this & so glad to see that other lovlies have the same love for "stealing beauty"

  6. Stealing Beauty is my top 1 movie. I've lost the number of times I've seen it! And the soundtrack is really awesome. I am, to quote Jade Holi above: "so glad you posted about this & so glad to see that others have the same love for 'Stealing Beauty'", as I do. Thanks.


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