Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A very special handbag..

My gorgeous grandmother, Betty is one of my greatest inspirations, especially when it comes to fashion and accessories. The beautiful Betty B or Nan as I call her, has the most wonderful collection of shoes and handbags and I always remember when I was little, sitting on her bed, gazing into her perfectly kept wardrobe, the heels and bags lined up to match every outfit.  

This is my very favourite photo of my grandparents and I together.  They were off to a wedding and I was so desperate to dress up and go with them, I changed into my favourite dress.  It seems I was in a little bit of a hurry as I put the dress on sideways.  It always makes me smile.

When I was visiting Nan is July, I was once again sitting the end of her bed, as I'd done so many times before and we began talking out her handbags.  She took a little box down from the top shelf and opened it.  Inside was the bag I always remembered, a sparkling little white Oroton. 

Deciding that I might be able to put it to good use and give this lovely handbag an outing or two, Nan has now been entrusted with the Oroton and several lovely pieces in her Glomesh collection.  Needless to say, I'm overjoyed and now certainly have to organise my wardrobe as beautifully as Betty B's, so my handbags feel at home. 

What made us both giggle was when I opened the sparkling little bag, inside the pocket, as if never touched was the original miniature brochure, filled with perfectly lovely pictures. It seems she was saving it, perhaps for her next purchase. 

So this little post is for Betty B, thank you for inspiring me to enjoy the beauty in everyday and to dress up and dance at every opportunity!

Much Love


  1. What a sweet story. I love family heirlooms. XO, Rae

  2. What a lovely post. Thanks so much for sharing this story.

  3. This post made me think of my grandmother, Nanny I called her, and how when I was little I would sit on her enormous bed with her and look at her fabulous collection of clip-on earrings. Huge oversize plastic ones in garish eighties colours and patterns. I thought it was brilliant. I wish she was still here to share with.

  4. My great-grandmother has a silver mesh bag that I have absolutely adored since I was itty bitty. She's sent me a few pairs of shoes (including a fabulous pair of strappy nude high-heeled sandals), but she still carries the mesh bag all the time, so I guess I need to keep looking for one of my own!

  5. savor your gamma, she seems like a gem. treasure the time you are blessed with her!!

  6. Ooooh, I've got one of these beauties to put in the shop! It's not in as good condition as this one though. It's very pre-loved.


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