Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Little Collections..

I was playing in my vintage studio space over the weekend and I noticed, I was creating a few little unexpected collections, without even realising it! It seems I just can't get enough sweet milk jugs and pretty floral linen.

When it only takes three pieces of goodness to start a collection, I have to wonder, how many other collections I'm creating. Well one can never have too much vintage!

Do you have any little unexpected collections in your home?



  1. How sweet, I have just noticed not only do I love tea cups and milk jugs I also have a love of very cute handmade tea cosies. They each have their own quirky peronality. And I love love love handmade aprons.

  2. Aaah I've got two of those vintage sheets! One I used to make a dress out of :-)
    I love vintage coffee pots but alas have not much space to put them. I also love those old crocheted coat hangers that keep your clothes just lovely.

  3. Your milk jugs are too cute! From years of estate sale/antique store shopping I've amassed quite a few transferware pieces, some amber depression glass, old cookbooks and coronation memorabilia. Now I look for those things, but in the beginning I was just buying what I liked!

  4. I love those pretty florals. You can never have too many collections. xo, rv


  5. Sweet little milk jugs! I love everything small & floral, so I'm trying to collect little floral cups from second hands etc. Great blog by the way! x


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