Friday, 5 August 2011

Journal Keeper - Come on Over, Clover

Today I'm so delighted to share with you the gorgeous journals of Kara from Come on Over, Clover.  I was so happy to meet Kara (online) a few weeks ago through our Uni course and instantly fell in love with her sweet, whimsical artwork and blog. Kara's process is amazes me, a love the the her free flowing sketches and pretty girly details.  She has certainly inspired me to play a little more with illustration and colour.

Here is a little bit about Kara's Creative Process

"I am an obsessive journal user. My journals from my teen years are my most treasured possessions.. there is so much of me in them! I use journals to write poems, recount events and mostly to draw in and make collages within. Often my artworks are purely in the form of journals and don’t get any larger than that.. 

I like to let myself ‘play’ in my journals and as I do I document myself. Sometimes I will do a sketch of something and then before I have finished it I will think of another way to draw it and start a new sketch.. this process often goes on for many pages or whole journals."

You can see more of Kara's delightful journals and artwork on Come on Over, Clover and on her illustration blog.

Much Love


  1. wow she is indeed oh so talented.. wow... lovely artwork! I created today too.. come and see my blog

  2. Oh, she is inspiring indeed!

  3. These are gorgeous. I just made a journal out of an old dude ranch menu for the 30 Lists in 30 Days project. I am better at journaling in my blog, but I hope to get more creative with journaling on paper. :)


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