Friday, 5 August 2011

Journal Fun.. Wreck this App

Two weeks ago, something very exciting happened in the world of journals and iPhone apps, Keri Smith took Wreck this Journal to a new level with the introduction of Wreck this App for iPhone.  Wreck this App has the same structure of Wreck This Journal but allows its users a new kind of accessibility to journaling. Now you can take a picture, manipulate and draw on it and share it through social networking within minutes anywhere you are. What I love about Keri’s journaling philosophy is the idea of getting out of your mind’s way and just allowing the creative process to flow in the moment. 

Here is a little intertextual example from 'Wreck This App' - I took a photo on my iPhone (of my Wreck This Journal),  edited it in Instagram, added it to a page from the Wreck This App and added text. You can then save and share you page wherever you like.  What fun!
So now with Wreck this App, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, there really is no reason to be bored or uninspired ever again.. Now you just need to decide what to play with first! You can read all about the app on Keri's blog.



  1. VERY cool. Thanks for the heads-up, Sophie. x

  2. Cool! I love "Wreck This Journal"... the app sounds like a lot of fun too.

  3. I have just been loving your posts on journaling and this App takes the cake, fantastic. Thanks for all the inspiration Sophie, I have realised I must get back into journaling and will chose one from my stash now!...xoxo

  4. I've wanted to try this but wasn't sure if I would like it as much as the paper journal, but what fun! I think I will have to get it! I like that you can take pics and add them to the journal pages on the app. Now that's cool. :)


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