Tuesday, 16 August 2011

90s Film Style Icons

Yesterday I showed my English class, Baz Lurhmann's Romeo and Juliet.  As I watched it, memories came flooding back to the summer of 1996, the days I spent creating my bedroom just like Juliet's and the moments I longed for a pair of beautiful wings.  So today I thought I'd pay homage to the 90s films that help to shape my love for fashion and design.

1. Romeo and Juliet - Everything about this film still makes me a little giddy, especially the final scene and Juliet's beautiful angel costume. 

2. The Craft - Of course, during my short gothic phase, I loved this! I spent days searching for a pair of black knee high socks and suspenders. 

3. Clueless - The knee high socks continue, but with time with perfect Twin Sets and Mary Janes.  Every time I watch this film, I just smile.

4. Empire Records - To this day, one of my very favourite films.. I attempted (quite unsuccessfully) to emulate Liv Tyler's look for years.  Empire Records, changed my world.

I would love to about the films that shaped your teenage fashion years. 
I'm also looking forward to sharing my favourite classic film style icons later in the week.

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  1. Ohhh there are so many 90s films I loved!!

    The Craft and Clueless are definitely on my list but also Practical Magic (possibly the most stunning house - well set - ever), Never Been Kissed and 10 Things I Hate About You (Julia Stiles' character of Kat dressed so similarly to my ideal style aged 14. Though I could ramble all day about film style :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. wow...it's like you wrote a post from me...LOVED all of thoe films in high school!! So many memories!! Thanks!

  3. I love Empire Records! Also Breakfast Club & Practical Magic. I have the blueprints for the practical magic house which was created specially for the movie.

  4. Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink - she made being a redhead cool! I used to watch the prom dress refashion scenes over and over!!

  5. oh man, you just took me down memory lane. they do not make movies like they used to. I loved romeo and juliet! the fish tank scene/elevator was so awesome! i used to love slowing down the movie when leo walked across the fair grounds with a cigarette in his mouth. haha

  6. ohhh 'romeo and juliet'-- i was CERTAIN i was going to find a way to marry leonardo di caprio one day ;) still one of my all time favourite movies.

    and 'the craft'-- i had TOTALLY forgotten about that movie!! wow, such a flood of memories x

  7. Empire Records is one of my all time fav movies. I used to hire it along with Dazed & Confused all the time. Apart from that, anything with Drew Barrymore ... loved boys of the side & Drew's hippy vibe.

    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

  8. tell me you are exactly 28. go on. we have the same life.

    xo em

  9. Empire records is also one of my all time favourite movies. If I just feel like watching a movie it's the first thing I put on. For fashion Almost Famous is a favourite its only one year out of the 90's.

    E :)

  10. I love these too - Nancy in The Craft is too scary! It's funny how many quotes you pick up from movies - i swear I say 'I like totally paused' every time i'm at a stop sign!


  11. Haha we watched that version of Romeo+Juliet in English class my freshman year! I remember that Tybalt hissed.

  12. Tybalt does hiss! Yesss, all the best 90s movies here, I love how 90s teenage girls all over the world (I'm in the UK) seem to have been exactly the same! Have been thinking of watching R&J recently and this has definitely compounded it.

    We used to spend ages trying to do the 'light as a feather, stiff as a board' trick ... happy days! xx

  13. Romy & Michelle's Highschool Reunion!

  14. Yardage Girl beat me to it! I LOVED Pretty in Pink & have now called my daughter Molly after Molly Ringwald!
    Dirty Dancing, of course and lots of Brat Pack films from the 80's. Oh my, I sound old! x

  15. The thing that's interesting about these films clothes wise is that all the component parts are similar, Even though the stories focus around different cliques. I still have the red tartan mini kilt i was wearing then(I was a punk kid). it doesn't fit, and i'm too old to wear it, but I may keep it forever!

  16. 90s teenager from NZ here :)

    Love R&J, I would always burst into tears at the wedding scene, that navy suit!

    All I remember from Empire Records is Renee Zellweger wearing an apron? But Liv looks amazing in the poster.

  17. I love Romeo & Juliet! I've been searching stores for a bluray of it, I want to watch it so badly!

    I love movies from the 90's :) 10 Things I Hate About You is my favorite

  18. LOVE these films! A fashion favourite of mine was Reality Bites... & Dazed & Confused!

  19. Yep reality bites! Also LOVED cruel intentions and clueless and R&J...
    My girl was my ultimate tweeny fave. Totally neeeeeded a mood ring after watching that.

  20. Wow - nostalgia!

    Loved R+J so much, and 10 things I hate about you inspired my style for years.

    I think this calls for a 90s movie-thon!

  21. you're helping me relive my teen years ....
    earth, air, fire, water ...


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