Monday, 18 July 2011

Best Bits of Brisbane..

Ever since I got back from my little trip to Brisbane, I couldn't wait to share some of my photos with you.  While I was there, I was delighted to get a new iPhone and merrily snapped away at every moment.  What I really love about it is, you have a camera with you all the time and it really changed my experience of capturing moments.. So here are just a few of my best bits of my adventures.

The beautiful Ferris Wheel at night, the amazing Mecca Bah where we went for early birthday celebrations, the yummiest lemon cake, made by my Aunty (served on vintage of course), and celebratory drinks.

The incredible Byron Bay, my sister and I hitting the town, my family get together at the Southport Yacht Club, and the most amazing bar, Cloudland.


Meeting the gorgeous Laura from Kit and Nancy (she and her vintage sheet collection rock my world), the wonderful Woollagabba Antique Centre, yummy chai with Laura at Max Brenner and the always beautiful Gold Coast beach at sunset. 

So there you have it, a whirlwind wrap up! Makes me what to do it all over again.  But it's back to work today, only 13 more school weeks left until year twelve exams.  I can't quite believe it! I've got a few more exciting things to share with you this week, so stay tuned.  

Also, if you use Instagram, I'd love to be friends.  My username is "herlibraryadventures".  If you don't have it, you totally should get it, it's so much fun.  But be warned, it is also totally  addictive!

Happy Monday!
Much Love


  1. i LOVE iphone photography! i'm going to look you up on instagram now. p.s. i'm jealous that you got to go to byron bay! x

  2. Hey Sophie! I LOVE instagram, but have no idea how to be 'social' on it ... but I have added you as a friend on there anywho. I am going to Tasmania in a couple of weeks & plan to go mental with it (perhaps even upload photos to twitter if I can work that out), so good practice in the meantime.

    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

  3. I love your photos. Though we live in a valley with no mobile reception, I'm tempted to get an iphone just for the pictures when I'm out and about.
    Looks like you had an amazing time (and warmer weather!)

  4. love them all and your instagram whoreish ways! hehe. glad you had such a wonderful week away. you deserved it. cannot wait to hear what you have planned. i'm off to get an iphone. :) xx

  5. love these photos :) they all look happy and fun, and i'm also a little biased because i live in brisbane ;) x


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