Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sunday Afternoon..

Reading: Inside Out - July/August issue
Writing: Ideas for a book
Drinking: Lady Grey Tea
Buying: Thrifted crockery and vintage dresses
Enjoying: Planning exciting new projects (find out more tomorrow)
Loving: Creating a pretty paper mess on the dining table



  1. You always sound so productive, i don't know how you do it! x

  2. What is Lady Grey tea like? I've been thinking of trying it because I've heard good things. Does it have any similarity to Earl Grey?

  3. I am not familiar with Seeker Lover Keeper. Thank you for the link.

    Of course I am constantly writing (rarely publishing) and am thrilled you are working towards a book.

    I had not thought about Inside Out for a long time. Perfect summer reading for an American who dreams of visiting Oz.

  4. I love this post! I like Seeker Lover Keeper too ;)

  5. I was looking at the list of links on Coloradolady and the name of your blog caught my eye.

    We must be having tea together, because I have a cup of Lady Grey sitting by my side right now.


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