Friday, 13 May 2011

Words of Wisdom...

My beautiful friend Tara and I when we were 17, in art class..we were inseparable.

Inspired by an image I saw on Pinterest last night, I thought I'd write a little list of wisdom to by 17 year old self.  Here it is..

* Buy as much Polaroid film as possible

*Use it to capture every moment

* Start thrifting more often.. Note: Look out for typewriters

* Take Home Economics instead of Legal Studies

* Be carefree and spend more time staring at the clouds

*Dye your hair a wonderfully outrageous colour

* Trust your soul and make art that you love

* Start your vintage shoe collection right now

* Ask the library lady if you can keep the old library cards

* Enjoy every precious moment

So here are a few fun facts, in July I will be 27 and in October I will be attending my 10 year high school reunion. Being a high school teacher myself, the whole experience is a little bit surreal. I am so much the person that I was in that photo and yet, I have come so far and become someone new all at the same time. Oh how time flies when you are living an crazy little adventurous life!

Much Love


  1. Great list. Yes I wish I'd bought Polaroid film too!

  2. How fabulous! I also am a teacher (vis art) and i've gotta say- I would have loved to have the 17 year old you in one of my classes... except the staring at the clouds part (naughty) ;)

    xo em

  3. Im gonna go to my highschool reunion too in one months. Fells like nothing changed but when i think a little bit more i realised that everything changed. The things i thought was so importent then in nothing today for example.


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