Monday, 9 May 2011

What I Wore.. Inner Gypsy

I had the amazing opportunity to see Sacred Earth perform on Saturday night with my dear friends Meg and Kate.  It was a truly amazing experience, their beautiful music resonated in me, long after the concert had finished.  It was a lovely occasion to find my inner gypsy, who had taken a back seat, to my more conservative work style after I got back from my bohemian week away.  I bought this lovely dress (which I wore as a skirt) from Meg's beautiful little shop The Soul Garden and floated around feeling like a fairy for the evening. I haven't worn pink in years but I was drawn to the lovely vintage floral pattern and the sweet mustard flowers.  I teamed it with a simple black knit top and the softest cream scarf and a cropped denim jacket when it got a little chilly later in the evening.  

Sacred Earth are currently touring Australia and if you have the chance, they are just breathtaking to experience live.  Pop over to their website for details and to listen to their beautiful music.

Much Love


  1. I really love the colours in that skirt. So pretty.

  2. I love Sacred Earth too, I found their music a few years back. It's so relaxing. I would love to see them live.

  3. Oh my that skirt is just heavenly, those colours are just burstingly beautiful.

  4. Lucky Ducky! I would just love to see them live! I birthed Ba'il to their first cd and to Gurrumul. I bet it was just amazing! Much love beautiful xoxox

  5. Very cute and comfortable looking outfit, too!

  6. I love that you wore it as a skirt, its so pretty!

  7. Hi Sophie,
    Just came across your site, and we feel very sympatico towards you. We checked out Sacred Earth and find that we love their music. We too are a husband and wife duo who play acoustic guitar and flute. The name of our band is- just by coincidence- Inner Gypsy.

    Please visit us at our website (by clicking on "Inner Gypsy" above). You can hear all of the music from our album "Gypsychology." We hope you like it.

    Best wishes,
    Mario & Tiffany


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