Monday, 30 May 2011

A Tiny House Tour..

One day I would love to invite you all over to my house for afternoon tea.  When the walls are painted, artworks are hung, gardens are finished and the fireplace is working, I promise I'll pop the kettle on and give you a real house tour.  In the meantime, here is a tiny peek at our home, the little moments that caught my eye this morning.

1. Totoro watching over the study 
2. An instax photo collage of our cat, Olive
 3. A pretty thrifted necklace
 4. A cup full of pens and crochet hooks 
5. Cook books and owls 
6. Fabric, doilies and Paris Made by Hand 
 7. Mushroom salt and pepper shakers
 8. The green telephone 
9. My favourite door handle

Happy Monday, I hope you week is filled with wonderful adventures!
Much Love

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  1. Beautiful Sophie, thanks for sharing - really love your telephone!x

  2. And this just keeps me daydreaming of my next apartment!

  3. How your house looks adorable, I love that door handle so much! I would paint some flowers on my room door handle, but it's thin and metal :(

  4. I often think that...that my house is a work in progress... your house looks very nice though! I love Totoro!

  5. and a very cute peek it is. thanks for sharing. have a great week x

  6. oh how very sweet it all is. Mum had those door handles on all the 3 bedrooms in our house in about 1966, when Dad did the extension!.. sweet memories.

  7. Oh there are those salt and pepper shakers that I love! Happy Monday and happy week to you Sophie xo

  8. tea would be lovely! thanks for the peek :)
    glad to have found you through much love!

  9. Great tour, thanks for sharing! I have door handles that look very very similar to yours, I love them x

  10. this little house tour is so sweet! I would love to visit for afternoon tea and admire your pretty trinkets more closely! ;)

  11. Amazing, all this beautiful stuff! I really like your blog! Greetings from Germany!


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