Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Thoughts on Time and Sunshine..

So this afternoon as I drove home from work, hoping to beat the sun before it went down.. I had a realisation. You see all I wanted to do was take a few photos and I was against the clock.  I thought I was just getting busier, you know how it is as the year progresses.  But as I looked in the rear view mirror, I began to ponder the fact that in the last two months I've lost nearly two hours of sunshine.  Which, I realised means two less hours, to potter around, set up and take photos, which is often my favourite time of day. Growing up in Queensland I didn't notice the change from Summer to Winter so much but down here in Victoria, the change is rapid and takes a little while to get used to.  So, why am I rambling on this chilly May evening?  Well I just thought I'd ask if you have a similar problem.  How do you find the extra hours in your day? It seems for the next few months I'm going to have to be the most organised blogger on the block, if I'm going to take afternoon photos.  Thoughts, hints, tips, I'd love to hear them!



  1. pack you items what u want to photograph up in a tote, keep them in the car, when you finish work...find a quirky little spot to set up and snap away..make it an adventure, a new location every afternoon or every other afternoon...
    xox C

  2. Great Idea Courtney.
    I try and photograph extra things on the weekend.
    I'm missing the extra daylight hours too, now it's nearly dark when I get home
    Have a great week

  3. I'm having the opposite problem, remembering to take my camera with me every evening now that its actually light, I was so used to dark evening that the extra light has caught me by surprise. I guess the solution for both of us is always have your camera with you :)

  4. We have the same problem in the UK, in the summer it's 9pm before it's even fully dark, but in the winter it starts to go dark at about 4pm, it's very frustrating!

  5. oh i know! i dislike this time too. it is soo dark by the time i get home.
    i usually get organised during the week and take lots of photos over the weekend. or pack up my stuff, take it to work and make use of my lunch break although this option rarely happens though(proper lunch break that is).


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