Tuesday, 24 May 2011

My Kind of Cafe..

Have you checked out the May/June edition of Vogue Living? I have just fallen head over heels for the fabulous article 'Material World' written by Susan Owens about the amazing Parisian cafe Sweat Shop.  Susan describes it as 'the sewing version of a cyber-cafe' and from the look of the gorgeous photographs, it is my kind of cafe! Just check out that amazing stash of thread and yarn! Oh and those sweet turquoise work benches.  Another fabulous reason to take an trip to Paris. Read all about Sweat Shop here and check out more lovely photos on the Vogue Living blog.

Much Love


  1. Vogue Living BLOG? winner, im checking that out right now :)

    xo em

  2. I don't read Vogue but i have seen this article somewhere...perhaps on blogland. How cool would that be to rent a machine while drinking coffee!
    Ah to dream

  3. Ooooh thanks for sharing! This is super sweet. Vogue Living blog makes for so much wonderlust x

  4. oh how fantastic! love that idea. i imagine there would be quite alot of spillage though...

  5. so cool..c'est magnifique!

  6. So inspiring,I was very excited when I read that article and blogged about it too!

  7. Yes I saw that too. I just wanted to open a cafe just like that in my town. Then I remembered I could hardly operate a sewing machine so...I soooo want to go there!

  8. Lovely cafe, lovely cafe blog and lovely Vogueliving blog!!!!! Woohoo!!

  9. Sewing version of a cyber cafe!!! That's awesome!

    - Sarah


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