Monday, 2 May 2011

Let's Be Adventurers..

This image just sings to my soul.  It makes me want to pack my bag, my camera and my beautiful husband and travel the world, capturing words and images along the way.  

For this very moment.. let's all be wild adventurers.

PS.  This beautiful image is from Victoria's home, the ever inspiring and fabulous talent behind, sfgirlbybay.


Image by sfgirlbybay


  1. Yes, after a week in the wilds of the Northern Territory over Easter, with hubby and kids, my love of adventure has been re-ignited. It's hard to settle back into the day to day again.
    I hope you managed to squeeze some in.

  2. every saturday my boyfriend & i go on "mini adventures" around our city...quite fun but doesn't **quite** quench my wanderlust!

  3. I've been obsessed with "Adventure" and all that it implies lately, too. I guess with the long winter melting away we're all eager to get out there an explore. I can't wait for my next trip somewhere...

  4. I'd love to go traveling =)... one day when the bebe is a little older.

    - Sarah


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