Friday, 11 March 2011

Journal Pages..

After a few days of finding lovely images for my mood board I had many left over bits and pieces, which found their way into the pages of my inspiration journal.  It's my favourite place to stash all of my collected images, because of an evening I just grab the glue and scissors and start sticking. I never worry too much about design, which is always very liberating.  Each page reflects a moment, a day or a little bit of inspiration and over the years my inspiration journals have become a fascinating history into my ever changing love for design.
You can find a few more pages of my inspiration journal here.

A little out take I just had to share... It seems that Olive enjoys Sibella Court's work as much as I do.

Happy Friday!
Much Love


  1. Your blog inspired me to start a book exactly like the one in these pictures!!!

    I will post pictures soon of my inspiration notebook.

    Thanks for sharing yours, its so fun!!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  2. I love an inspiration journal...unfortunately my ideas and inspirations are scattered everywhere, in my craft room and in my head.

  3. Saw this and thought of you:
    Delicious, no?

  4. it's wonderful to keep a journal for inspiration. My favorite pictures are all over the place...yours inspire me to do the same. Thanks for sharing

  5. This is something I really need to do! Thanks for the reminder.
    B x

  6. what a fantastic idea...i've got bits and bobs all over my 'crafty' room - i used to do these sorts of book when i was at art college - and had totally forgotten about them till i saw yours - thank you! xx

  7. Very neat. Just discovered your blog and Im in Love.


  8. i am now folliwing your blog. i love it! and i do a journal very similar to yours!

  9. It's so lovely! I've been meaning to start my very own inspiration journal, and this might have been the little bit of extra inspiration I needed to do so.

  10. I love Sibella too
    I did a post on her work just recently. I think she is an amazing creative force and she is also Australian!


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