Monday, 28 February 2011

Perfect Mondays...

Some Mondays I feel like hiding in the back of an antique bookshop... Just me and all the most wonderful adventures ever written, hanging out for the day, or if I got lost, perhaps even the week.


And where would I begin, with the classics, the new age or perhaps the modernists? Ms. Woolf has been calling me to me of late.  Yes, I do believe that with a pot of tea (or several) this would be the perfect Monday indeed.

What's your perfect Monday?

Much Love

Images - 1. From Red Uk, October 2007 via  Simply Hue 2.  Via Double Breasted Dust Jacket by Fernando Onions, 3. Bdan swenson


  1. Book shelf porn! Awesome! While I still enjoy the romance of curling up with a book and tea, I have been converted to an e-book reader. Given that some of the books I read are as heavy as a large dictionary, it's been nice to hold a light reader instead. Doesn't hurt so much when I fall asleep and it falls on my face!

  2. What gorgeous photos.

    Reading with a pot of tea or two or three is very tempting indeed!!! But so is getting back out into my workshop to finish painting. No children around = freedom to do what I wish... read & drink tea OR paint... what a dilemma to have?

  3. gorgeous images. i have come across the first one before and still love it. on my perfect monday it would be drizzling outside and i would be tucked up inside by a warm open fire with a morning coffee, followed by a pot of tea while spending the day crafting without interruptions and listening to great music x

  4. What an epic images! :D

    love it!♥

  5. The perfect day!
    1. Temp about 20
    2. An empty tidy house
    3. Freshly sharpened pencils or
    4. A new pattern and some material or
    5. A trip to an op shop that sparks something creative
    7. Music
    8. Coffee
    9. A walk by the river
    10. Dinner out with family and friends
    11. Kids in bed early and a snuggle on the couch with my honey and a good movie...bliss

  6. Well, if I'm honest, the perfect Monday involves a day off! A sleep in, brunch at my favourite cafe and a leisurely afternoon to myself.

    I see you are doing the BYW course - I'm a fellow student and already a follower of your blog.

  7. Great images!!!! This year i want to read as many books as possible!!!!!!!!!

  8. ooo i love them!! I love being surrounded by books. I cant even describe how it feels.. the antricipation of all the little worlds i havent discovered yet. Maybe im a weirdo lol

    visiting from blogging your way

  9. wow! What great images! I'm an avid reader of books and blogs, love to be surrounded by them! My perfect monday is to sleep in, get a cup of coffee and then be crafty!
    See you in BYW!

  10. Yes, hiding in a cozy corner, with a great book, tea pot cat purring in my lap...and a croissant, please :D

  11. *drools all over your lovely post*

    Book archway! How clever!


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