Monday, 14 February 2011

My Valentine..

My Valentine and I have shared eight precious Valentine's together.  We are not traditional celebrators, but rather find delight in just sharing in another special day together.  There will not be a red rose in sight, except for those in the garden, although chocolate will be on the menu thanks to a little inspiration from Miss Nigella.  This year, I thought I'd make us a heart, a little celebration of our love.  On it, added 'our poem' by Rumi, which we shared on our wedding day.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Much Love
PS. This week I'm joining in with Much Love Monday.  What a perfect fit!


  1. Enjoy your Valentines Day, my husband always tells me I can pick red roses from my garden! Your little heart is gorgeous ♥

  2. What a lovely poem and the heart is gorgeous.

  3. Very touching, romantic and sweet Sophie.

  4. lovely poem!
    my partner and I celebrate our love for each other sometimes the day before and sometimes the day after Valentines day as our way of showing each other that we dont need a date or one particular day to define our love. This year we had a special day last week. It makes it easy to get a dinner booking too. But little handmade tokens are very special too takes the commercial aspect right out the equation I like that!!!!

  5. Oh that is so sweet! Thank you for joining Much Love Monday again :)


  6. What a lovely post. I also enjoy Rumi's poems - and that's what spurred me to jot down this note of praise!

  7. That heart is too cute! We don't really celebrate valentine's day either, and I'm totally ok with it. Just being together is nice enough.

  8. i love the simplicity and adore the sentiment. just beautiful sophie.


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