Sunday, 16 January 2011

Flea Market Finds..

Hello there my thrifting friends.  I do hope you have had a little moment to visit and op shop or two this week, perhaps even a market.  It's lovely to see everyone getting back into the thrifty swing of things.  To check out everyone's finds from last week just pop over here.

This week I did a spot of op shopping on Friday and as always I found a few things that I wasn't expecting at all.  That's what I love about thrifting, it's like a weekly treasure hunt.  I found a little goldmine of lovely vintage crockery at the local MS shop.  I must remember to visit more often.

I came away with a cute little bowl, a gorgeous brass plate and quite an interesting ornate vase, which is going to be this week's Restyle project.  I also found a nice little scarf and my favourite find of the week, an Art Deco Style vintage handbag from Sweet Lily.

I can't wait to see you finds from the week!  To play along just leave a comment and add your flea market blog post link in the Linky below so we can all check out your goodies. It would be just so sweet of you to link back here from you blog too, so that others can play along.  Remember you can play any time during the week! And please feel free to upload your fabulous finds to the Flea Market Finds flickr pool too.

Much Love

PS. Sorry if you checked in before and my page looked a little stange, my Linky didn't like me this morning, hopefully it will be happier the second time around.


  1. Dearie,
    The art deco purse is fabulous.
    I'm going to share my finds later in the week, ran out of sunlight for photo's today.

    Wishing you love,
    Fritzi Marie

  2. I thought something was amiss when there was not linky! I just love that little dish!

  3. gorgeous finds, I love the vase!

  4. just adore that little plate and looking forward to seeing what you do with the lovely vase. that bag is gorgeous!

  5. wow that black bag is a fabulous find..most definitely!

  6. oooh, I love the teacup! and the scarf/fabric (?) =D

  7. Wonderful treasures! Love that handbag!

  8. What a lovely scarf! And I can't wait to see what you've done with the vase. It has really great lines.

  9. I'm in love with that colorful vintage plate, and like Alyssa, can't wait for the update on the re-styled vase!

  10. What fun things you've come across :-)Well done!

  11. I've just discovered you via Apron Thrift Girl blog. Your blog is beautiful - wonderful photography. i love the scarf, look forward to what you'll do with the vase!
    Angelika (from Canada)

  12. Lovely finds! I adore that purse!

  13. I am in love with the plate! Love those sort of Pennyslyvian Dutch designs.


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