Friday, 10 December 2010

What's in your bag..

Well.. this is what's in my bag today.. 
From left to right:

Handbag - Gabee
Purse - Elk
Glue and Scissors
Camera - Zumi Digital
Lipgloss and three Artline pens
Ipod and cutepink headphones - Factorie
Phone and car keys
Guess glasses
Nicoletta Ceccoli notebook and Moleskine journal

So what's in your bag? Thanks to the lovely Kaylah from The Dainty Squid for sharing this lovely flickr group who all love to share their bag contents.  Hope you will join us.  

Happy Friday!
Much Love


  1. Where are the used dockets? The half-chewed lip gloss? The leaking pens? OMFG, I would love my handbag to look like that!

    Cute bag too!! x

  2. what a cute project! I'm going to check out The Dainty Squid right now! Nice to see a Kindle in your bag - never seen one till now =)

  3. I'm with Maxabella - last time I emptied my bag I had 24 pens in there. I know journalists are always supposed to carry pens, but 24? A tad excessive perhaps.

  4. Oh dear. The contents of my bag certainly give away a few things about me. The purse, keys, phone, pen, miscellaneous make-up items, feminine hygiene products and scrunched up dockets are quite standard, but then look in the middle section...spare nappies, used and unused wet wipes, used lollypop stick and wrapper, tissues (used???), snack box half filled with popcorn, two swimming lesson cards and a 10 week swimming lesson renewal discount voucher...

    My everyday bag has not been solely my own for years. And I'm afraid I could not make a photo of the contents look half as delightful as your photo...or could I???

    *wanders away to reinspect the artistic qualities of bag contents*

  5. This reminds me of an ad campaign in the 70s. it went something along the lines of 'you can tell alot about a girl by what's in her glomesh handbag'...I seem to recall one of the 'girls' was Jackie Weaver. Great fun! xx

  6. What an interesting game! I also joined you! ;)


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