Sunday, 5 December 2010

What's in a name..

I just had to share a little something with you from my finds this weekend.  I'm always on the look out for lovely old books, I especially have a soft spot for vintage school books wrapped in brown paper.  At Around Again on Saturday, I found a lovely old grammar book and I had to giggle when I saw the name on the inside cover. 

Senior Grammar - owned by a Mr. George Lucas
I'm beginning to think this might be the start of a new collection for me - Books that may have been owned by the rich and famous.

I just love names, whenever I meet someone I have to find out what their middle name is.  And I'll let you in on a secret, I often write interesting names down, in case I need a character's name in a story.  So I'd love to know what's the most interesting name you have ever heard?

PS.  Got a find this week, pop over and play here.



  1. My Dad suggested names to my brother of Athelstein and Guinevere when his wife was pregnant with their first set of twins. Needless to say, they chose names more of this period.

  2. I know a girl whose middle name is Thais. I think pronounced tie-es. Most of the other wierd names I know are from other countries like Jaenan, Jiratta, Suhra...they're all asian names. Oh, I do know a guy called Smiley. I think that's wierd for a person's name. Names are fascinating though. I love interesting ones.

  3. I love interesting names too. I have spent some time doing family research and loved seeing the variety of names over the decades in our families. One of my favourites is Ednam. It's my husbands second name (named after a great Uncle). I had never heard the name before meeting him and I'm not sure I've ever heard it since.

  4. There's a little girl at my daughter's daycare called Ruby Frost. I just love the simplicity of her name. It's perfect.

    Just found your blog via Mira Narnie. It's lovely here. I'll be back!! x

  5. There was a guy 2 years above me at a school called Titus Gormby, which got change into a nickname which is not hard to guess but I like my partners name- Silas which is supposed to mean little forest warrior (hippie parents!)

  6. I don't have a second name. Just Irene and my surname. A Macedonian thing I believe (Father was).

  7. oh i see lots of names in vintage children books that I collect - its lovely!
    lots of interesting names out there...
    i went to school with a boy called Dragon - its a popular Serbian name...i like Wilbert and Ethel, Augustina and Willihemena, Clarence and Tallulah...strange in the you dont hear them much these days. My goddaughter is named Agathi - its sweet and so is she!

  8. There is a family in the town I grew up in that had a weird sense of humor. Theit last name was Nesst and they named their son Robin. He can't even use his middle name to do better, it is Jay. He used to say he would not do that to a child but then named his son Christopher Robin. I have heard they are lobbying for a grandchild named Robin Hood. You can not make this stuff up!

  9. I know a couple of siblings, the girl is L and the boy is J.

  10. Oh yes names are fabulous. I always read the credits on films and jot down interesting names. great for future stories. My brother in law is doing his family tree. He found some old USA Puritans in the family. Their names? Experience and Redemption... jx

  11. I got to choose my little sister's name because she was born on my 16th birthday. I named her Zaneikah Therese. Her name is a combination of Zenaura and Tanika, her middle name was my great grandmother's first name.

  12. Oh, and I also know a girl with the last name "Snow" and her parents called name her "January"... such a pretty name, January Snow.

  13. How cool ... I have collected names too over the years for poetry and stories. Some I haven't used yet are ...
    Julian Kohe
    Anderson Moore
    Lulu Hofstetter
    Netty Hooper
    Olive Tupelo
    Ash Excelsior

    I could keep going!
    they aren't particularly strange or weird but I like how they flow

  14. I had a childhood friend named Xochitl. I've never heard of anyone else with the name, but apparently it's a common name in Central and Southern Mexico. It means Flower in Aztec. Names are so interesting and I enjoyed reading everyone's comments!

  15. I also love interesting names, grew up with one and have given them to my children. My husbands name is Gustav, mine is Rhiannon, our daughters name is Yunalesca Aria (yuna for short) and our sons name is Kvan Adriaan (Adriaan is a family name on husbands side). Some other names I wanted to use if we had more: Star Alexis, Astar Bella, Sapphire. I used to work in a call centre for the tax department, and we got to hear all kinds of interesting names.


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