Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Perhaps it's the strangely cold weather we have been having recently or the fact that my calendar now says its December but today I am feeling very festive indeed. Not only am I decking the halls of my house but I also managed to add a little festive splendor to the staff workroom today. This only made me dream more about chestnuts, fires, mistletoe and the thought of one day experiencing a white Christmas. Until then.. I'm inspired by these gorgeous snowflake decorations from Anthropologie and Udessi.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Oh, and if you are after some gift ideas, check out Tea for Joy , The Design Files and Oh Joy.

Please Note: This post was written whilst listening to Winter Wonderland sung by Bing Crosby (never fails to get my into the Christmas Spirit)



  1. A white Christmas would be wonderous, wouldn't it? I'm moving to the UK for a couple of years starting next year and am hoping and praying for the experience.

  2. I understand.. its the first day of summer in Melbourne, and its cold and raining. Maybe its just weird Melbourne weather..


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