Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Well my bag is nearly packed and ready to go! Now just Awards Night and the staff Christmas function left to go and I'll be on a plane! I haven't been back home to Queensland since Easter and I'm so looking forward to a real holiday, starting with a little stop off in Byron Bay.  I'm eagerly hoping for some sunshine! How has the weather been lately? Fingers crossed because the beach is calling my name! 


Image by Lola's Room available from Etsy.


  1. Have fun. Every Teacher deserves sunshine and happy days for all their hard work throughout the year inspiring and building the knowledge of our young ones. Hope you have a brilliant holiday. Trace

  2. I think we have been getting all the rain over and done with in one foul swoop, in preparation for a long sunny Summer. There certainly has been a lot of rain of late, but we are just about over the worst of it I think.

    Dear old Byron, have fun while your there. It is such a lovely little place. We were married on the beach in Byron and Cohen's middle name is the same. Sweet memories.

    Enjoy your holiday!


  3. lucky you christmas in the sun, enjoy. here in northern france is is grey humid and cold! great find the suitcase pic, quirky, stylish and fun (rather like you i imagine). happy christmas linda...


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