Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A Little Christmas Wrap Up..

Our Christmas 2010

So we are back home in Mildura, after a lovely venture home to Brisbane for the holidays.  Although it rained a little more than we had planned for, we enjoyed a beautiful time with our families celebrating Christmas.  I look forward to sharing some photos of our celebrations over the next few days.

Speaking of the next few days, I'm always intrigued by this time of the year, what does it mean for you?  Is it a time of relaxation and reflection, or planning for the coming year?  For me, today is about enjoying a moment and doing well, not much at all.  It seems so nice, to just take in the year that has been and get ready for new and exciting adventures. 

 What do you like to do in the last few days of the year?

Much Love


  1. We're taking this time to relax after a busy year.

    It's nice to spend time as a family without rushing around.

  2. Getting ready for later in the School Hols. Christmas is just hubby and I at home, but once the family (interstate), are all back at work, we get to have a holiday with our 11yr old grandaughter, LJ, every School Term Break she spends a week or 2 with us, bliss!!!

  3. For me it is a combination of work and play. Always renovating our house..... this time it is painting, inside and out in between swims at the beach. Luckily it is only a few minutes away by car!

  4. Nothing. And by that I mean nothing that I *must* do (well, excepting meals and wash), and only things I choose to do. At least that's the way I'm taking it this year.

  5. I spent Christmas in Brisbane too. Oh, wasn't it wetttt? Yeuckkk.
    I am working and always work through Chrismas. I was working Christmas day from the trusty laptop. So, it's business as usual for me. I usually take a break in Feb / March to get a grip on the new year.

  6. This time of year, we have no commitments so we tend to just float along...oh and start at least four new sewing projects...

  7. I'm glad your Christmas was lovely (if a bit rainy!) I take this time to enjoy myself -- this means, be with family, watch movies without guilt, and think about the coming year in general terms (no real solid planning, as that can be stressful!)


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