Sunday, 5 December 2010

Flea Market Finds..

Happy Sunday! And once again a lovely day for some fabulous finds. I've finally finished all my reports and corrections for the year, so I'm very happy teacher indeed. I've also had a very interesting weekend of finds and I hope you've found some lovely things too. To check out all the wonderful finds from previous weeks, just pop over here.

So yesterday before the ballet, my hubby and I had a lovely morning, scouring all the op shops in town. Looking for nothing in particular, we ended up with an eclectic array of goodness in the back of my little Suzuki Swift.

This assortment (including the chair) came from Around Again, the famous tip shop. Loving the peppermint green sundae glasses.

And a sweet little vintage dress from Salvos.
Overall I nice little stash for the day.

So what have you found this week? To play along just leave a comment and add your flea market blog post link in the Linky below so we can all check out your goodies. Remember you can play any time during the week! And please feel free to upload your fabulous finds to the Flea Market Finds flickr pool too.

Much Love


  1. You find the most amazing things at the tip shop. I wish I had one near me.
    My Flea Market Find

  2. What gorgeous glasses. Lovin that tip shop.

  3. I love the sundae dishes and that amazing dress you hit the jackpot and your hubby strolled along and went to the ballet,you are one lucky woman!

  4. Fortunately I don't have any vintage shop near my house, it would ruin me ;P The dress is awesome :D

  5. Loving the sundae glasses! :)
    Wouldnt it be awesome if you found a celebrities old book, & for some reason had old photos or something of them in it...hello Ebay! ;) hehe

    - Krystal

  6. Your finds are always great and original! Love the dress - I got a similar one, but with long sleeves, from my grandma's closet.
    Have a great week!

  7. Dearie,

    I am in love with your sunday glasses. So pretty. Also, I'm having a giveaway for season one of American Pickers and Emily Martins new Black Apple paper doll book. Please stop by and put your name in the hat.

    love love,
    Fritzi Marie

  8. nice finds! regretting the chair i left behind on friday!! too much thrifting at the moment (is it possible?!) but alas i am shortly heading to my mum's for some more adventure : ) happy week x

  9. You are going to need a car with a bigger boot!

    Lovely finds - esp the teapot!@

    I wanna go to that tipshop 'i want to go there' Liz Lemon

  10. Love the sundae glasses, and the handle on that teapot is interesting! Does it make it easy to pour? Pretty, pretty dress. Looks like it'll be comfy.

  11. I'm so glad to find your blog. I too do a link share for thrifted finds. I'll work super hard to remember to send my readers in your direction next Monday. We are mostly American thrifters but hopefully that is okay too.


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